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Howkins Plow Plane

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Manufactured: 1920's to 1930's
Length: 7 inches
Blade Width: Various widths from 1/8 to 1/2 inch
Construction: Cast iron
Finish: Japanned
Features: Adjustable fence & depth stop. 16+ interchangeable cutters
Uses: Light plow, dado and molding plane
Average Dealer Price: $280 to $700
Average eBay Price: $200 to $600
Model A: $400 to $700
Model B: $300 to $650
Model C: $280 to $650
Model D: $240 to $600

Other Notes: Each of the models were supplied with a basic set of cutting irons for plough work, but a wide range of cutters were available to buy separately as extras to suit particular needs. These included five plough irons from 1/8" to 11/32", six dado tools (with spurs) for cross-grain working, four moulding cutters (two beads and two hollows), a 3/8" skew bevel cutter (for dovetailing) and a tool holder with five plough cutters and one beading tool.

Updated: 16th March, 2006

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Sources: Sources include: eBay, “The Antique Tool Collector’s Guide To Value” by Ronald S. Barlow, various auctions and sales of collectable tools and my own compilations of prices realized, observations and notes over the past 20+ years.