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Stanley No. 87 Cabinet Maker’s Scraper Plane

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Manufactured: 1905 to 1917
Length: 8 inches
Blade Width: 2 inches
Construction: Cast iron, rosewood handle & knob
Finish: Japanned
Features: Adjustable frog
Uses: Scraping and fine finishing
Average Dealer Price: $1000 to $2000
Average eBay Price: $900 to $1700

Other Notes: Blade pitch can be adjusted depending on the work required.

Updated: 26th April, 2006

Stanley No. 87 Cabinet Maker's Scraper Planes on eBay right now...

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Sources: While many of the dealers prices for Stanley planes are largely set by John Walters’ book “Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools” it appears that eBay, while acknowledging the Walters guide somewhat, tends to march to it’s own beat and sets its own prices. For that reason - and the fact that eBay’s reach and customer base is huge - I’ve decided to include a separate eBay average price here. Other sources include: “The Antique Tool Collector’s Guide To Value” by Ronald S. Barlow, “Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools” by John Walter, “The Stanley Plane” by Alvin Sellens, “Patrick’s Blood & Gore” by Patrick Leach, various auctions and sales of collectable tools and my own compilations of prices realized, observations and notes over the past 20+ years.