We also have comprehensive reviews of some hand planes, such as the Howkins pattern plane, the sleek and stylish Holtey 11-S, the inexpensive MuJingFang planes and the classic #72 chamfer plane by Stanley.

Stanley No. 80 Steel Cased Rabbet Plane

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Manufactured: 1877 to 1888
Length: 9 inches
Blade Width: 1-1/2 inches
Construction: Steel frame with beech infill
Finish: Lacquered
Features: Skewed blade
Uses: General purpose rabbet plane
Average Dealer Price: $100 to $450
Average eBay Price: $130 to $480
Type 1: $1000 to $3600

Other Notes: This plane is identical to the #90 steel cased rabbet plane, but without the side spur for cross grain cutting. These are not great planes to work with when you consider others on the market. They are often found with the sides filed wider to allow the shavings to clear more easily.

Updated: 26th April, 2006

Stanley No. 80 Steel Cased Rabbet Planes on eBay right now...

Stanley No 80 steel cased wood skew rabbet plane
Stanley No 80 steel cased wood skew rabbet plane $75.00
Time Remaining: 16d 8h 34m
Buy It Now for only: $75.00

Sources: While many of the dealers prices for Stanley planes are largely set by John Walters’ book “Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools” it appears that eBay, while acknowledging the Walters guide somewhat, tends to march to it’s own beat and sets its own prices. For that reason - and the fact that eBay’s reach and customer base is huge - I’ve decided to include a separate eBay average price here. Other sources include: “The Antique Tool Collector’s Guide To Value” by Ronald S. Barlow, “Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools” by John Walter, “The Stanley Plane” by Alvin Sellens, “Patrick’s Blood & Gore” by Patrick Leach, various auctions and sales of collectable tools and my own compilations of prices realized, observations and notes over the past 20+ years.