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Category: Planemaking

  • A Simple Dowel Grooving Plane
  • Badger Cast Bronze Bullnose Plane
  • Basic Tools For Metal Plane Making – Part I
  • Basic Tools For Metal Plane Making – Part II
  • Building A Shepherd Smoother
  • Dovetailing Infill Planes (Part I)
  • Dovetailing Infill Planes (Part II)
  • Making A Dovetail Plane (Part I)
  • Making A Dovetail Plane (Part II)
  • Marples Prefabricated Smoothing Plane
  • Metals Used In Making Planes
  • Miller “Rhino Horn” Gunmetal Infill Shoulder Plane
  • Norris No. 1 Dovetailed Jointing Plane (25-1/2″)
  • Norris No. 13 Smoothing Plane
  • Norris No. A-1 Dovetailed Panel Plane (13-1/2″)
  • Plane Handles & Totes
  • Planemaking – Casting An Adjustable Block Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting An Iron Chariot Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting An Iron Rebate Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting An Iron Smoothing Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting And Making An Iron Trying Plane
  • Practical Plane Making (Part I)
  • Practical Plane Making (Part II)
  • Practical Plane Making (Part III)
  • Practical Plane Making (Part IV)
  • Shodding Your Smoothing Plane With A Steel Sole
  • Some Hand Plane Making Tips From Bill Carter
  • Spiers Dovetailed Smoothing Plane (Early)
  • Spiers No. 1 Dovetailed Panel Plane (13-1/2″)
  • Spiers No. 11 Dovetailed Bullnose Plane
  • The Norris Adjuster
  • Timbers Used For Pattern Making
  • Truing The Soles Of Wooden Planes
  • Why Make A Hand Plane?
  • Wooden Plane Making: Cutting Beech Plane-Stocks
  • Woods Used In Making Infill Planes