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Norris 1928 Catalog

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This is the second Norris catalog addition to the site and is a reproduction of the 1928 catalog. The main difference you will note is that most of the images of the bench planes feature the Norris adjuster, whereas in the 1914 catalog the adjuster was new and not fitted in the engravings. I've transcribed the opening blurb of the catalog below.

"In presenting this small list to the cabinet maker and general woodworker, we wish to say we shall continue to maintain the high standard of quality and finish which users of our planes have found and appreciated.

Our range of planes covers all requirements for working hard and soft wood, and we ask users to compare the value we offer with the lower price imported article when making their purchase. Our experience and service is at the disposal of any who may find difficulty in producing a perfect plane finish on any class of wood.

Our distribution is carried out at home and abroad through tools dealers whose stock of our planes may be inspected and selection made before purchase.

Patent Adjusting device for Plane Irons

We fit this to most of our Jointing and Smoothing Planes. The letter A before the number indicates that the plane has this fitting, but it can be supplied without at the prices as stated. The device is new in principle giving both the necessary vertical and lateral movements to set the cutter. Both movements are controlled from one easy position by operating a knurled head. It is not supplied as a separate item."

Click on each image to see a larger version of the page.

Infill Planes Spiers Norris Mathieson Preston Hans Bru
Infill Planes Spiers Norris Mathieson Preston Hans Bru EUR 41,25
Verbleibende Zeit: 5d 6h 35m
Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 41,25
Norris Metal Planes Photographer Joel Moskowitz
Norris Metal Planes Photographer Joel Moskowitz EUR 22,09
Verbleibende Zeit: 29d 11h 31m
Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 22,09