To some people, learning a new skill can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Handplane Central has information for beginner woodworkers on the many different types of planes and what they’re used for. Why are some planes longer than others, and why do the blades all have different angles? What hand plane is best for your needs and what are the essential planes you simply can’t work without?

Handplane Central also has information on how to set up your plane properly so that it works the best way possible. Want to know the correct way to use a plane, such as for shooting the end of a board or thicknessing down to a line, then Handplane Central can help with that as well. We also have information on blade sharpening, flattening a sole or repairing a handle.

Category: Planemaking

  • A Simple Dowel Grooving Plane
  • Badger Cast Bronze Bullnose Plane
  • Basic Tools For Metal Plane Making – Part I
  • Basic Tools For Metal Plane Making – Part II
  • Building A Shepherd Smoother
  • Dovetailing Infill Planes (Part I)
  • Dovetailing Infill Planes (Part II)
  • Making A Dovetail Plane (Part I)
  • Making A Dovetail Plane (Part II)
  • Marples Prefabricated Smoothing Plane
  • Metals Used In Making Planes
  • Miller “Rhino Horn” Gunmetal Infill Shoulder Plane
  • Norris No. 1 Dovetailed Jointing Plane (25-1/2″)
  • Norris No. 13 Smoothing Plane
  • Norris No. A-1 Dovetailed Panel Plane (13-1/2″)
  • Plane Handles & Totes
  • Planemaking – Casting An Adjustable Block Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting An Iron Chariot Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting An Iron Rebate Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting An Iron Smoothing Plane
  • Planemaking – Casting And Making An Iron Trying Plane
  • Practical Plane Making (Part I)
  • Practical Plane Making (Part II)
  • Practical Plane Making (Part III)
  • Practical Plane Making (Part IV)
  • Shodding Your Smoothing Plane With A Steel Sole
  • Some Hand Plane Making Tips From Bill Carter
  • Spiers Dovetailed Smoothing Plane (Early)
  • Spiers No. 1 Dovetailed Panel Plane (13-1/2″)
  • Spiers No. 11 Dovetailed Bullnose Plane
  • The Norris Adjuster
  • Timbers Used For Pattern Making
  • Truing The Soles Of Wooden Planes
  • Why Make A Hand Plane?
  • Wooden Plane Making: Cutting Beech Plane-Stocks
  • Woods Used In Making Infill Planes