Stanley Tools made over 180 different models of handplanes in its heyday – many of which sold in the tens of millions. Many of them are common and found in most workshops across the world, while some are very rare indeed. If you need to find out some quick information about the collector value, manufacturing dates, sizes and features, then check out the “Stats Sheets” section for basic info on the entire range of Stanley handplanes.

Category: Using Planes

  • An Introduction To Understanding Rebate Planes
  • Hand Planes – Where To Begin?
  • Hand Planing Small Items
  • Iron Planes – Their Types And Uses
  • Parts Of A Wooden Plane
  • Perfect Pitch – Bedding Angles Explained
  • Planing Plastic Laminates
  • Shodding Your Smoothing Plane With A Steel Sole
  • Shooting Boards And Donkey’s Ears – Appliances Used With Planes
  • Specialty Wooden Planes And Scrapers
  • Thoughts On Hand Plane Sole Flatness
  • Using Hand Planes – The Shearing Cut
  • What To Know About Planes – Choosing The Basic Tool Kit
  • Wooden Bench Plane Basics
  • Woodworking Planes And Their Use

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