Looking for diagrams to help make a hand plane or to turn a Norris adjuster? Handplane Central has several plans and diagrams on the site and we hope to add more soon. Everything you need to help get you started on making either a metal, transitional or a wooden handplane can be found here, such as this article on the famous Norris adjuster.

Interesting Links

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This links page is new so we haven't got a lot up here just yet, but we'll add to it each week. If you have a website that is hand plane related (rather than other hand tools) just drop us a line through our contact form and we'll check it out and get back to you.

Infill Plane Kits -- Aled Dafis makes and sells kits for small dovetailed shoulder and smoother infill planes.

Anderson Planes -- Wayne Anderson makes dovetailed infill planes in the same manner as the nature-inspired planes of the 16th and 17 century, as well as later Spiers and Norris designs.

Blum Tool Co. -- Gary Blum has recently started to make an innovative range of handplanes and sharpening jigs as well as a portable workbench from his shop in Walnut, IA. To check out the quality work, just click the link above.

Brese Plane -- Ron Brese has long been a contributor to H.C.s Planemaker's Gallery and now he's set up his own website to sell his finely crafted infill planes.

Bridge City Tools -- John Economaki & Co. create inspired and uniquely designed hand planes of the highest quality imaginable.

Bill Carter Planes -- Known for his dovetailed box mitre planes, Bill has been making handplanes since the 1980's.

Chris Vesper Tools -- Chris makes a very nice bronze shoulder plane, as well as some excellent marking knives, squares, bevels and gauges.

Clark & Williams -- Premier makers of wooden molding and bench planes. Also a great source for planemakers floats.

Des Moines Woodworkers Association -- A non-profit association dedicated to education, community service and sharing of knowledge for those of all ages and skill levels in the field of woodworking.

Diefenbacher Tools -- Ron has a selection of HNT Gordon, Stanley, Anant and F.G. Segerink hand planes for sale, as well as other fine tools for the woodworker.

Gabardi & Son Infill Planes -- Gabardi & Son's goal is to create handplanes, in the style of Spiers, Mathieson and Norris, that function as high end handtools and encompass all of the passion and beauty of a work of art.

Gerd Fritsche Traditional Handplanes -- Working from a workshop in Bavaria, Germany, Gerd is a new maker of quality traditional infill planes modeled after Norris originals.

Heinz Antique & Collectable Tools -- John Heinz makes beautiful and decorative sculptured wooden planes, infill planes, hammers and other tools.

Heritage Hand Planes -- Hand planes & accessories.

Heritage Trades & Skills -- Various heritage skills and trades, including bow making, coopering, wheelwrighting, boat building, musical instrument making and more.

Highland Woodworking -- Lie-Nielsen, Clifton, E.C.E., Bunny and Ibex hand planes and accessories from Highland Woodworking.

HNT Gordon Planes -- Terry Gordon makes great wooden planes from the hardest Australian inland timbers and beautiful exotics from around the world.

Holtey Classic Handplanes -- Karl Holtey's infill planes are world renown and are considered by many to be the finest handplanes ever made.

Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia -- Official website for the Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia. A heritage group focusing on the traditional tools and the way in which artisans of the past worked with these tools, recognising the skill and ingenuity of their efforts.

Hutchinson Planes -- Darryl Hutchinson makes a range of classically inspired infill planes modeled after the great British makers of the past.

Ian Dalziel -- Shiny dovetailed infill planes from a new planemaker.

Infill Planes Showcase -- A gallery of beautiful and inspiring infill planes from makers old and new.

Bob Kaune's Antique Used Tools -- Bob Kaune has been selling hand tools since 1982 and has been on the web for 15 years or so. If you need a spare part for your Stanley or Sargent plane then Bob will probably have it.

Knight Toolworks -- Steve Knight makes great hand planes from exotic woods.

The Lazarus Handplane Co. -- Makers of beautifully crafted steel, copper and brass handplanes featuring exotic wood infills.

Linly Woodworks -- Makers of finely crafted wooden handplanes made predominantly from Australian Jarrah wood.

S E Lawrence Hill Furniture -- Lawrence Hill trained at Rycotewood College and makes handcrafted furniture from his workshop in Hampshire, England.

Marcou Planes -- Philip Marcou is an excellent planemaker from New Zealand who largely makes dovetailed planes in a similar pattern to the Stanley Bedrock style.

Norris Planes -- A catalog of all the known models made by T. Norris & Son, with lots of pictures for most of the models featured. Tons of other Norris information.

Old School Tools -- The #1 Online Store For Antique & Collectable Tools In The UK. Some great, and quite rare, planes to be found here from time to time.

Old Woodworking Planes -- Richard Arnold is doing his bit in keeping up the interest in early wooden planes by cataloging and showcasing his own collection of fillisters, ploughs, dados and moulders.

Philly Planes -- Phil Edwards has been building traditional wooden planes professionally for the past five years. Phil has also been a longtime contributor to HC's Planemaker Gallery.

Record Planes -- A comprehensive site containing tons of information on all Record Planes & Spokeshaves, including history, specifications and current values.

Rosewood And Brass -- Larry's site features a range of antique planes for sale, as well as some useful information for collectors and users.

Sawdust And Shavings -- Woodworking tools, projects and hardwood information. John also has some nice hand plane reviews and articles on the site.

Sauer + Steiner Toolworks -- World renown for their work. All of Sauer + Steiner's planes are handmade in the traditions of Stewart Spiers and Thomas Norris.

St. James Bay Tool Co. -- A great source of supply for kits, castings and finished infill planes. If you're after lever caps & screws, bronze plane bodies and parallel irons then this is the place to go!

The Old Tool Shed -- UK company specialising in antique, vintage and old collectable hand planes and other tools for sale.